Our Philosophy

At Tuxedo Winds, we are instrumentalists. We believe that advancing players, from high school students to weekend musicians, deserve a great saxophone to enhance their musical journey. The price of professional level saxophones is approaching $6000 in the United States and not every family budget can afford that kind of money on a musical instrument.


So, we decided to enter the market with a quality instrument and make it affordable. We have worked with several musical instrument manufacturing companies and communicated our vision. Most walked away. But there are a few that have the same vision to bring music to the world and have aligned themselves as partners to create the Tuxedo Winds line of instruments. We are continually working with our partners to develop and modify the existing concepts of how instruments should be designed and constructed. It is an exciting journey and I hope that you will join us in learning how music enhances the lives of all who perform and consume it. 




Our Vision

At Tuxedo Winds, we are saxophone players first. We understand the complexities of learning this versatile instrument and the difficulties of achieving “that sound” that lights up a room. We will have an offering of mouthpieces and accessories, like microphones, that make finding your sound a little easier. We play everything that is sold on our website so you know that there is someone scrutinizing design and performance details of the products. A lot of prototypes have passed through our doors and didn’t make the cut. A lot.


We are not seeking to sell “the best that money can buy” because we know that there are a lot of high-end retailers who would love to sell an $800 mouthpiece, and it will be awesome. But, we can’t afford that level of perfection, and neither can most people. We are working to find good quality products that you can trust to perform at the level that you need.



Our Request.

Join us on this journey. We love saxophones, live music performance, and the joys of discovering how music satisfies the soul. Share you stories and tips with the rest of the world and we will do the same. Sometimes, it’s the simplest technique for preparing a reed, a new mouthpiece discovery, or better fingerings to play an altissimo “A” that that will change your style for the rest of your days. Together, we can all be better players.



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