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Aidis A803S alto saxophone

This is the Aidis A803S silver plated alto saxophone. It is a unique offering in the saxophone market in that it is manufactured by a flute company. The line of saxophones from Aidis is limited to altos and tenors. The craftsmen at Aidis Flute and Musical Instrument company make everything by hand. But, they employ state-of-the-art equipment in manufacturing the components. Instead of stamping the keys, which is common, they use a multi-axis CNC to cut each one precisely and consistently for every instrument.


The first thing that you will notice about the appearance of this saxophone is that it is elegant. The finish is perfect and the keys use pointed arms, exactly like high-end flutes, The instrument feels solid and precise. The tone is amazing. I don't get too excited about new saxophones, but this one made me say “Wow” out loud. The tone is solid and and pure and every note projects easily from bottom to top. Altissimo notes pop easily and intonation is great in every register. The closest sax that I have played to compare against is a Yamaha YAS62S alto sax. The Aidis A803S has a slightly more refined feel and more joyful, flute-like sound. Ergonomics are first-class with no awkward reaches or movements making playing fast passages possible.


The body and neck are formed from a 92% copper / 8% brass metal and then silver plated. The A803S is the premium offering in the professional sax offering from Aidis. The sax arrived in perfect playing condition. It comes with a very nice vegan-leather carry case. As would be expected, the Aidis carry case has a flute pocket. This is perfect for players like me – my primary sax is alto and my main doubling instrument is a flute.


The list price on this sax is $2199, which is a bargain when you compare to per instruments in the same segment from Yamaha and Yanigasawa. Delivery time is about three weeks.  






Aidis A803s Alto Saxophone
2,199.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Aidis A803s silver plated alto saxophone. Includes mouthpiece, carry case, and accessories.


Soloist Series Saxophones

The Tuxedo Winds "Soloist" series of saxophones is designed to meet the needs of the advancing player or enthusiast who wants a high-quality instrument but is on a limited budget.


Each saxophone is made to order. Our technicians use the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to design and build a high quality saxophone. Instruments are formed and assembled by hand so each one has the attention of a skilled craftsman. The Soloist series saxophones are constructed from yellow brass, which is the most popular material for wind instruments. The body tubes, keys, and components receive a black lacquer coating which gives each saxophone a black chrome appearance. We use high quality component like German blue steel springs and Italian leather pads with metal domed resonators -- all of the components you find on saxophones costing thousands of dollars more. Every sax is play tested and adjusted before leaving the factory so you will be assured that your saxophone performed to the highest standards before arriving at your door. 


Be sure to compare our saxophones with others popular models in music stores and on the web. A Tuxedo Winds saxophone is a great value in an instrument that will endure for decades. Also, be sure to check out the "Virtusoso" and "Signature" series saxophones, which add some features to set your new saxophone apart.


Tuxedo Winds Saxophones can be ordered directly from our website. Each saxophone is custom built when ordered. Delivery is approximately 5 weeks from order entry.


(We have units in stock and ready ship. Contact us for more information)




Soloist Series Soprano - S111

The S111 Soprano Saxophone is a delight to play. 


Each saxophone is made to order. Our technicians use the latest engineering and manufacturing technology to design and build a high quality saxophone. Each S111 includes 2 necks -- straight and curved, a hard rubber mouthpiece, and a zipper cordura carry case. Jazz, R&B, Gospel, and classical playing styles are all easily mastered with the S111 soprano. The Soloist series of saxophones complement each other perfectly so if your main instrument is and alto or tenor, you will easily adapt to the feel and response of the S111 Soprano.


The TuxedoWinds S111 Soprano sax -- an outstanding value for a pro-quality instrument.


S111 Soprano Saxophone
1,595.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Tuxedo Winds "Soloist" series soprano saxophone in Black Lacquer. Includes mouthpiece and carry case FedEx Home shipping 48 US states


Soloist Series Alto - A111

The TuxedoWinds A111 Alto Saxophone is a great value in modern saxophones. Each sax is hand crafted and play tested at the factory so it should arrive at your door in play-ready condition. The TuxedoWinds saxophones include high-quality components, typically found on much more expensive instruments, like leather pads with metal resonators. The black lacquer finish is amazing to look at and also very durable. 


This alto sax will perform on a level that you anticpate from only the most expensive brands. Be sure to watch our demo video for a sneak peak at the sax and hear the sonic quality that is produced by this instrument. 


Each A111 includes a matching neck and cordura carry case. These saxophones are "Step-up" models so we assume that the player already has taken the time to find a mouthpice that fits his playing style. Not including a mouthpiece, neck strap, and various accessories (which are typically discarded) keeps our pricing affordable to more players. 


The A111 is made to order. Delivery typically takes about five weeks.



A111 Alto Saxophone
1,695.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Tuxedo Winds "Soloist" series alto saxophone in Black Lacquer. Includes mouthpiece and carry case FedEx Home shipping 48 US states


Soloist Series Tenor - T111

The TuxedoWinds T111 Tenor saxophone is a joy to play. Each instrument is hand crafted with high quality components that are usually found on more expensive instruments. The sonic quality is warm with a depth and resonance that today's player expects. The black lacquer finish is beautiful to look at and is very durable. Be sure to watch the demonstration video of this saxophone in action so you can hear the depth and timbre of a great instrument. Great for jazz, R&B, gospel, or any style of music, the T111 tenor complements the alto so you can easily switch between models and still have the same feel and response.


Sold with a Cordura, zipper, gig-style carry case. No mouthpiece or accessories are included. These saxes pair nicely with the j0hnnytoxic JTx line of tenor saxophone mouthpieces. 


Each T111 is made to order. Expect five to six weeks to take delivery. Order yours now.

In stock - ready to ship.

T111 Tenor Saxophone
1,795.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Tuxedo Winds "Solist" Tenor saxophone in Black Lacquer. Includes mouthpiece and carry case. FedEx Home shipping 48 US states


Signature Series Saxophones

Signature Series Tenor T211

The T211 is the first model in the Signature Series of saxophones. It includes several upgrades including an additional silver-nickel neck which provides an additional tonal character. In addition to all of the premium mechanical components, the T211 adds bell engraving and a custom logo to the octave arm. 


Watch this short video for more information and a short demonstration of the beautiful voice characterized by the newest member of the Tuxedo Winds portfolio.



T211 Tenor Saxophone
2,495.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Tuxedo Winds "Signature" Series saxophone. FedEx Home shipping 48 US states. Export shipping and handling extra charge. Contact us for more details. Special order item - five week delivery time.


T211 Baritone Saxophone 


B211 Baritone Saxophone

The TuxedoWinds B211 Bari sax is available only by special order. This instrument is part of our "Signature Series" saxophones and includes some great features. This saxophone is manufactured from premium grade yellow brass (Japanese) and is left unlacquered to allow the metal to resonate.


The unfinished brass darkens with age as the oxidation process deposits a protective layer on the surface. Like all TuxedoWinds Signature instruments, high quality Italian leather pads and blue steel springs are used throughout. This saxophone delivers a serious punch. Great bottom end notes and effortless high end, up to high F#, create a wonderous tone.


We currently are taking orders for these wonderful instruments. The B211 comes with a hard rubber mouthpiece and ABS roller case. Priced at $3995(US) - shipping calculated based on delivery zone. This instrument requires eight to ten weeks for delivery.

B211 Baritone Sax
3,995.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

TuxedoWinds B211 Bari Sax with ABS roller case and standard mouthpiece.

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