At TuxedoWinds, we realize that sax players are really the "utility" players in any music group. This means that you will be doubling on some other voicing, either another woodwind, stringed instrument, and even keyboards. The flute seems to be one of the closest relatives of the saxophone so we have been working to identify good quality and good value flutes and make them available at an affordable price. 


We will be sure ot offer a selection of new and used, pro level flutes that you can count on to be in good performing condition.




Aidis PB-623 Flute


The Aidis flute brand is a very well kept secret in North America. The Aidis factory is located in the saxophone mecca of Taiwan, the Houli District, where some of the world's best instruments are being manufactured. The Aidis Flute company blends modern manufacturing technology with old world hand assembly. Each flute is manufactured and assembled by only a select number of craftsmen. Keys are CNC machined, rather than stamped, to ensure perfection in fit and finish in every instrument. Aidis has manufactured "OEM" stencil instruments for some of the highest quality brands in the industry.


This PB-623 is considered to be an intermediate model but it shares many components as the professional model flutes. The headjoint and lip riser are made from 925 sterling silver. The body and foot are manufactured from cupronickel and silver plated. The keys use pointed arm construction for a luxurious feel. This model has an offset G, split E, and is a the closed-hole version. Sax players are more comfortable with closed hole designs when switching between instruments.


The flute produces a warm and inviting tone throughout the regsiters. Intonation is fantastic and the sonic dimensions are rich. This model is our product evaluation unit and has about two hours of playing time. It has only been used in our shop, so it is essentially a new instrument. We are making this flute available at a discount. These are very rare instruments and are quite desirable to own. 


Aidis PB623 Flute
999.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Pro Quality Flute with silver head joint and silver plated body. Ships with hard sided case, cleaning rod, and accessories.


--- SOLD ---


Sankyo Etude Silver Flute


Sankyo Etude Flute #80977 - sterling silver hand cut headjoint, silver plated body, silver plated mechanism, drawn tones holes, closed-hole keys, Y key arms, traditional pads, inline G, C footjoint. Made in Japan. 

This flute has been completely re-padded, hand polished, and adjusted by a technician in Japan. This instrument is in excellent playing condition. The body has normal wear with associated surface scratches. These can be removed with heavy polishing but we have chosen to leave the finish intact.

These are sweet sounding flutes that produce a pleasing tone, even for novice players. This instrument does not have the original case but is shipped with a pro-quality hard sided case with matching outer cover.


Ships via FedEx Home or Ground service. Paypal accepted, including credit card and PayPal Credit. 


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