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Art Edmaiston - Sax player for The Gregg Allman Band.

note-- Art had the opportunity to spend a month with the Tuxedo Winds T211 Tenor Sax. He did a through analysis of the sax and its playability. Here are some things Art had to say.



I’ve played this tenor a few times over the last couple weeks and it is an interesting horn.  First I will say that I like the look of the instrument.  My 12 year old sax playing son also thought “this horn looks cool!!!”.  The sound is big and edgy with a lot of “cutting power".  There is some complexity to the tone (in the core) for sure and it blows nice and free.  The horn speaks clearly from top to bottom and I think it is ideal for contemporary music.  It can definitely hold up against guitars and keyboards without being drowned out.  Excellent modern sounding horn and that is definitely how the market seems to be geared.


Overall, this horn is fairly priced and a wonderful offering to the mid-level market.  It’s cosmetically beautiful to me and I think it’s eye catching in it’s “weathered” appearance.  The silver neck also adds a nice visual touch.  The tone is full and there’s a lot of character which is difficult to find in some new horns.  You have a good product here and I wish you much success!!!  

Hear Art Edmaiston in action.

Danielle D.  Lexington, Kentucky USA


Hi there!

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the beautiful tenor saxophone you sent me. It was even better than I expected! I have been busy so I haven't played it as much as I would have liked but whenever I do play I get lost in how great it sounds. I have a Rico B5 along with a Rovner Mark III ligature. It sounds great. I also have a metal Otto Link 6 mouthpiece but I haven't tried it out on this sax yet.


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product and that I will always be a fan of Tuxedo Winds!

Thanks again!! Have a great day!


---Danielle D. --

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the glowing review! I was also very impressed with these saxophones after importing the first lot from the factory. Definitely, try your metal mouthpiece on it - you'll love the tone.


Let me know if I can use your response on my website for a small testimonial. I can always use a brand champion.

Best regards,
John Hoffmann

Of course! I want everyone to know that you have a great product. I was hesitant myself because it is such a small company that isn't widely known but I'm glad I made the right decision. Any help I can be to spread the word to other musicians is my goal! 

I know this brand will take off like a rocket the more people get their hands on them! 


Good luck and best wishes! ---Danielle D.


Danielle plays a TuxedoWinds T111 Tenor Saxophone


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